Mega-You-Grow Mini Magic Mushroom Spawn Kit

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Mega-You-Grow® Mini Magic Mushroom Spawn Kit

If big is not your game, make it mini with the Mega-You-Grow® Mini Magic Mushroom spawn kit. The Mini kit makes it easy to be discreet - get the same great results and the same great quality in a half size growing chamber. This new development makes growing magic mushrooms more accessible. You don't need a lot of room, simply a shelf will do.

 And that's not all - the Mega-You-Grow® Mini Magic Mushroom spawn kit is the smallest and easiest to use mushroom kits available! Your don't need anything else but a pot and water to make this kit work it's magic. Just add water, and, voila, you're ready to grow! By designing the simplest, most effective mushroom kit available, we give you the growing edge. Innovation, effective products and customer satisfaction remain our top priority!

Size doesn't matter, does it?  It's all about the quality and the quantity. The Mega-You-Grow® mini gives you both! Follow the instructions, put it together and watch it grow mega. No need to fuss with spore syringe inoculation, the Mega-You-Grow® mini kit is ready-to-grow with fresh mushroom spawn - just add water. This kit comes complete with nutrient enhanced growing medium so you can get up to three flushes of Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms - It's never been better than this!


 How does the Mini Magic Mushroom Spawn Kit work?

 The Mega-You-Grow® Mini Magic Mushroom Spawn kit provides you with all the necessary components to grow mushrooms from home using the mushroom casing method. This method uses substrate, spawn and casing soil to create a lush fruiting bed for mushrooms to grow in and can be used successfully by anyone - beginner or expert!

 The Mega-You-Grow® Mini Magic Mushroom Spawn kit uses a simple method for substrate preparation. It could never be easier than this! Simply add water, as per instructions and you are ready to grow! You don't need any equipment at all - just a desire for success and some great mycology fun!

 By providing you with fresh magic mushroom spawn, we exponentially increase your chances of successfully growing mushrooms. Our method is fool proof. You do not need to work with any mushroom spores, you do not need to try inoculating spores and incubating spawn - it is all done for you! By providing fresh mushroom spawn with our magic mushroom kits, we save you up to 2 weeks of waiting time before you can start growing. You do not need to wait for inoculations to grow through and you will never have to worry about contamination! 

 Simply follow the easy steps to assemble your Mini Mega-You-Grow® mushroom kit, start growing right away and provide daily maintenance while the mushrooms work their magic. This kit is educational and easy to use with rewards that make mycology fun. Anyone can do it! Fool proof, fuss free and fast - for the best results.


 We value discreet customer care. For your privacy, if you pay by credit card the charge will appear on your statement as billed to ISL MUSH. All our orders are sent in discreet packages. Plain boxes are used to ship our products, with no indication of the contents. In addition, our company address will appear as shipped from I.M. Inc.


Each Mega-You-Grow® Mini Kit contains:

    * 1 Mushroom growing tray complete with dome lid


    * 1 Litre of prepared magic mushroom spawn

    * 1 Small bag shredded straw substrate



    * 1 Bag mushroom casing mixture



      * 1 Large mixing bag
    * 1 Spray bottle with watering cap
    * 1 Detailed instruction booklet.

About our Strain:

Our kits come with the Mega-You-Grow properietary spawn strain, Golden Mammoth Psilocybe Cubensis, a variation of the purest Stropharia Cubensis Cuban Culture (Stropharia Cubensis Cuban is the truest Cubensis genetic in existence from which the entire species of Psilocybe Cubensis actually originated). Golden Mammoth was developed decades ago by our head mycologist specifically for ease of use and purity. Golden Mammoth Psilocybe Cubensis Spawn is a robust culture with vigorous dense mycelial growth and strong resistance to disease/defects and contamination. Our spawn culture is similar to Golden Teacher.

omer Reviews


Name: james
Review: WOW is all I can say, almost 2 lbs wet first flush, 1 lbs 2nd flush, this kit is unbelievable 2nd cant wait to see if there is more..A+++
Name: Bigpurple
Review: 682.6gm (wet) on first flush I am shocked and eagery awaiting next flush... I am amazed
Name: John
Review: Great product. Will buy again definitely.
Name: Bison
Review: Not bad at all flelas and gallas. Thanks.
Name: Roland
Review: I got my mini kit, and I had a lot of fun putting it together and learning about mycology in such a easy way. Thanks guys, this is the best product on the market.
Name: dave
Review: great!! over a pound wet product first flush
Name: dave
Review: great kit! first time grower and everything worked smooth. kit produced about 1lb (pound) wet product!
Name: Charles
Review: Works as described. Good customer service. I have some close to a foot long. Amazing kit!!!
Name: DMC
Am also a first time grower and was very surprised as to how easy this is and they have just started to pin, must be about 50 of them. Will re-post with more info.
Name: Andy
Review: I'm a first time grower and they are popping up everywhere. haven't checked the potency yet but they look perfect :D
The Mega-You-Grow® Magic Mushroom Cubensis Spawn Kit will have you growing beautiful mushrooms with ease - each and every time!