Our Mission

We put the power of mushrooms into your hands! For over 40 years, our founding vision has always been to activate healing and advocacy through accessible mycology education. Through our mushroom and mycelium products, we strive to:

  • Increase awareness of the beneficial properties and functional powers of shrooms
  • Support personal development through quality mushroom education
  • Enhance self empowerment through sustainable self-directed mycology projects



We are here to help you have a happy mycology experience! Our mycologists have been leading the market in standardized purity, innovation and expertise for over 40 years. We take pride in continuing bring the best of the industry to your door. As the Original Mushroom Kit inventors and manufacturers, our home mycology and mushroom growing kits have been around longer than the internet. Beginning in the 1990’s we sold our mushroom kits through the classified ads in the iconic cultural classics – the Cannabis Culture and High Times Magazines – and in the original cannabis dispensary stores across Canada. We were the first ever Magic Mushroom Kit company to launch a selling platform on the internet. Our premium quality Mega You Grow MYG Magic Mushroom Kit products are tried and true. We have stood the test of time and continue to evolve and innovate our product line. For uncompromising quality and optimized results, Mega You Grow products are designed to bring you the best of the mushroom world. Our professional mycologists specialize in Psilocybe cubensis mushroom genetics for research and microscopy purposes and set the gold standard for premium high quality organic magic mushroom spawn and cultures.

Our head mycologist and MYG founder has over 40 years of professional mycology experience perfecting the art and science of organic mushroom cultivation techniques and magic mushroom spawn production. Our founder is one of the original North American mushroom pioneers; he has led the industry through pioneering innovation and is the originator of unique organic cultivation techniques featured in multiple scientific and research papers. His techniques are published in books such as “The Mushroom Cultivator” and “Growing Gourmet and Medicinal Mushrooms” by mushroom guru Paul Stamets and Jeff Chilton. We have been the longest standing producer of magic and medicinal mushroom genetics in Canada. We have put decades of research and expertise in to every mushroom product we produce. Our great team now consists of three generations of mycologist, each specializing in specific areas of mycology expertise and techniques to advance the art of our Mega You Grow mushroom science.


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