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Original Magic Mushroom Kit – With Live Spawn

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The Original Mega-You-Grow® Magic Mushroom Kit

Our Mega You Grow® Magic Mushroom Kit is the #1 best selling Psilocybe cubensis Magic Mushroom Kit in Canada. Experience the magic of growing beautiful mushrooms at home!

The easiest and most productive kit available, the Mega You Grow® Magic Mushroom Kit allows you to fast forward to the fruiting process. No more fussing with spore or culture syringe inoculations trying to make your own mushroom spawn. By giving you the freshest highest quality magic mushroom mycelium spawn with your mushroom growing kit, we do all the hard work for you. No more contamination, no more delays – your kit is ready to grow and can produce up to three flushes of big mushrooms as you watch. All our MYG Mega You Grow® Mushroom Kits are made with natural organic ingredients, allowing you peace of mind for both medicinal and educational mycology projects.

How does the Original MYG Magic Mushroom Kit work?

Our Original Mega You Grow® Mushroom Kit provides you with all the necessary components to grow mushrooms from home using the mushroom casing method. This method uses straw substrate, magic mushroom spawn and casing soil to create a lush fruiting bed for mushrooms to grow in. It can be used successfully by anyone – beginner or expert!

By providing you with the freshest magic mushroom spawn, we exponentially increase your chances of successfully growing mushrooms. Our method is fool proof. You don’t need to work with any mushroom spores or culture syringes trying to inoculate grain and incubate spawn – it is all done for you by our professional mycologists! By providing fresh mushroom spawn with our magic mushroom kits, we save you time and money. Our MYG Magic Mushroom Kits get you growing more than 2 weeks faster than mushroom spore or culture kits. No more waiting for inoculations to grow through and worrying about contamination ruining your spawn!

You don’t need a pressure cooker or any expensive mycology equipment to get started. Simply follow our easy step by step instructions to assemble your Mega You Grow® Mushroom Kit. Our detailed instruction book guides you through the simple process of pasteurizing your substrate, seeding it with spawn, casing the fruiting bed and activating your mushrooms to grow. Start growing right away and provide daily maintenance while the mushrooms work their magic. Our Mushroom Kits are educational and easy to use. Anyone can do it! Fool proof, fuss free and fast – for the best results. 

The Mega-You-Grow® Magic Mushroom Kit will have you growing beautiful mushrooms with ease – each and every time!

About our Strain:

Our Magic Mushroom Grow Kits come with master culture of the famous strain, Golden Teacher Psilocybe cubensis. Golden Teacher is one of the most popular and truest cubensis genetics in existence. Our head mycologist has worked with Golden Teacher since the inception of this strain decades ago. Golden Teacher is revered for it’s ease of use and purity. Golden Teacher Psilocybe cubensis Spawn is a robust culture with vigorous, dense mycelial growth and strong resistance to disease/defects and contamination. Our Golden Teacher spawn culture offers a strain encompassing the best qualities of Psilocybe cubensis and is highly recommended to new growers looking for a starter variety. Golden Teacher is a robust and forgiving strain, growing well on both grain based and coco coir substrates. This strain has large golden caps, with long sturdy stems and, as a prolific sporulator, it is a good choice for spore prints. Golden Teacher is a unique strain of Psilocybe cubensis, loved for it’s potency and ease of cultivation, and known as a gentle, healing and euphoric mushroom ally.

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OriginalTray 1067

1 Mushroom Growing Tray Complete with Dome Lid

Kit Dimensions – 11 inches wide X 20 inches long X 13 inches high

Spawn Orig Contents

1 Magic Mushroom Spawn Box (Approx. 1.5lb) – Certified Organic

(Stock Strain – Psilocybe Cubensis Golden Teacher)

Original Refill straw 0831

1 Bag Shredded Straw Substrate – Certified Organic

Original Refill Soil 0839

1 Bag Mushroom Casing Soil

accessories 2

1 Large Mixing/Grow Bag

1 Spray Bottle

1 Detailed Instruction Booklet


Sterilizing Prep Pads

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8+ Kit Discount 8 + 20%

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