protects and respects your right to personal privacy. We operate under strict privacy policies in order to maintain the anonymity and privacy of all individuals accessing and/or using our website.

MAIL PRIVACY: does not rent, sell or otherwise distribute personal contact information including names, addresses or other info about our customers to any other organizations, individuals or companies at any time, nor under any circumstances.

INTERNET PRIVACY: does not record or track the internet identity of individuals accessing or using our website. The Internet Service Provider (ISP) that we use, does track the internet identity of the servers that access our site, and will make that information available to us upon request. However, this information does not allow us to determine email addresses or any other personally identifying information about individual web users accessing our site. The internet identity of the servers accessing our site is recorded and made accessible to us only as anonymous server information without any personally identifying factors. For example, if you are a Verizon subscriber, our ISP will record that was visited and accessed by, and not (yourscreenname)

When you purchase products from the Online Store, you are required to enter your name, address, telephone number and email address. This information will not be rented, sold, or otherwise distributed to any organization, individual, or company at any time, nor under any circumstances. Online Store  processes order information using cookies. Cookies enable us to provide customers with services such as order status. No parties of nor the host of our Online Store is able or allowed to use these cookies to track any customer information, nor to distribute or offer cookie data to any other company, individual, or organization at any time, nor under any circumstances. implements and integrates appropriate security measures and encryption when transmitting sensitive information in order to keep your personal information safe and secure. maintains the permission to record the email address of customers requesting a brochure, catalog, or email invoice in order to facilitate communication with our customers. However, in accordance with our strict privacy policy, does not make this email address available to any other organizations, individuals, or companies at any time, nor under any circumstances.

If you have any questions regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact one of our Customer Service Representatives and we will be happy to assist you.