Canada's Mycology Experts

At MYG Mega You Grow®, we are Mycology and Mushroom Masters! We offer you the unique advantage of multigenerational professional mycology expertise.

Our mycologist have over 70 years combined professional experience and expertise in perfecting the art and science of organic mushroom cultivation and magic mushroom spawn production. When you order a Mega You Grow® Magic Mushroom Kit you’re getting the #1 Best-selling Mushroom Kit on the market, backed by decades of mycology experience.

As one of the founding members of the North American mushroom movement, our MYG founder and head mycologist is world renowned for ground breaking mushroom cultivation techniques and pioneering methods which have been published in scientific journals as well as in books by colleagues and fellow mushroom gurus, Paul Stamets and Jeff Chilton.

Mega You Grow® Mycology Expertise

Our mycologists have been leading the market in standardized purity, innovation and expertise for the last 26 years – and we take pride in continuing to bring the best in the industry to you!

For uncompromising quality and optimized results, Mega You Grow® Magic Mushroom products bring the best of the mushroom world to your door. As industry leaders and mycological pioneers, we specialize in Psilocybe cubensis mushroom cultures for research and microscopy purposes and set the Gold Standard for premium, high quality organic magic mushroom spawn. Mega You Grow® MYG = Unrivalled Mushroom Genetics, Uncompromising Product Quality and Unparalleled Customer Care!

With over 70 years of combined multigenerational mycology expertise, we offer you the best in the industry for your mushroom projects. Our head mycologist has led the industry through pioneering innovation and invention inventor of unique organic cultivation techniques which are now leading the industry.  We have been the longest standing producer of genetics in Canada and we put decades of research and expertise put into every product we produce. 

We are the original Mycology Teachers! We have always believed in the power of sharing our mushroom knowledge and, over the years, have mentored and taught most of the new comers to the market. They’ve jumped on board and launched their own websites in recent years to have a go at selling mushroom kits too. But be forewarned, nothing compares to the quality of our Mega You Grow® Magic Mushroom Kits, nor to the purity and perfection of our Magic Mushroom Spawn.

We are the Original Mushroom Kit inventors and makers – our home mycology and mushroom growing kits have been around longer than the internet! Beginning in the 1990’s we sold through the classified ads in the iconic culture classics – the Cannabis Culture and High Times Magazines – and in the original Cannabis dispensary stores across Canada. At MYG, we have always been visionaries and pioneers – we were the first to launch a magic mushroom kit selling platform on the internet when it became available! We saw this new media as a great way to spread the wisdom of mycology and share our success with fellow Canadians. Our premium quality Mega You Grow® MYG Magic Mushroom Kit products are tried and true – we have stood the test of time and are always innovating to bring you more!